Architectural Comfort

with an Afterword by Bettina Köhler and an Epilogue by Hermann Czech

Fabian Tobias Reiner

“For some it may seem dim and unilluminated to take the ‘mere’ comfort of the user as a constituent of architecture. In fact, anyone who is not prepared for that must be accused of an inferior definition of architecture. For, if its intellectual content only existed beyond commonplace purposes, architecture after all would be an ‘applied,’ contaminated art, since commonplace purposes can only rarely be by-passed.” (Hermann Czech, 2007)


Discovering Conceptions in Modern Viennese Concretisations

The study of Comfort is a prosperous discourse. The concept’s potential lies in its productive nature, engaging formal and spatial practices beyond the merely pleasing. By studying works of modern Viennese architects, historically conditioned forms from the seventeenth century up until today can be found in the act of sitting, by wandering along staircases, and through the event of opening a door consciously. Comfort is an element occuring throughout the house and depending on wider cultural landscapes. Its involvement attunes to the complexities of life and crystallises as the material that is formed by architecture. Comfort is not prior to design, it is created through it.


About the Author

Fabian Tobias Reiner, born 1994, is an Austrian architect and architectural theorist educated at ETH Zurich, USI Mendrisio, as well as the AA London. His main body of work revolves around the spatial manifestations of phenomena and notions such as the palimpsest, the quarry, comfort, and romance.


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11 / 2021 
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